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Life is all about the ride that you take. It is the one that makes you happy and is light on your pocket too. 😊


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Times have changed, and so has the mobility. We need to adopt a bust system of now getting things done which are updated and are in with the current times - The New Normal


eBikeGo is easy on your wallet. Can meet your monthly travel needs with ease.

Zero contact travel

Easy commute- No crowds, no queues, no shared vehicles.

Plug and Play

Charging as easy as plugging in your mobile phone.

IoT Enabled

With the latest technology, we help you track your vehicle usage and help you be safe.

Fantastic Four Reasons

25km/hr Speed

Safer and secure ride at a speed of 25km/hr.

70km Range

A whopping range of 70km on a single charge.

Detachable battery, take home and charge in 3 hours.

Enjoy a hassle-free ride by charging just for 3 hours.

No license and registration required

A solution for all the riders regardless of the driving license.

Zero CO2 Emission

An eco-friendly solution with no carbon emissions.

Zero Maintenance

A Maintenance free electric two-wheeler.

No-RTO Registration

Easy solution for charging your battery at your convenience.

No Driving License

Electric scooter with an easy battery monitoring.

Our Amazing Customers

We love our customers and we love the way they come back to us with their awesome thoughts.


eBikeGo Makes Your Life Super Easy In The New Normal Times across the country.

Save Money

eBikeGo helps you to save a lot of money which you are spending on Fuel.

New Normal Bike

With the changing times and advanced tracking system this is a new age and new normal bike.

Super Hygienic

Avoid Rush, Practice Social Distancing. One Push Start Bike. You don't need anything to start the bike.

Super Safety

With super controlled mobility you can be rest assured for self, spouse, family members that they are safe and not speeding on the road.

Media 💖 Loves Us 😊

eBikeGo is one of the most loved eco friendly New Normal Bike in the country.

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